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Mixed Martial Arts Training Programs

We here at Pro-Am Family Training Center are known for our mixed martial arts throughout Temecula and the surrounding areas because of our dedication to excellence and pushing, not only our students, but our trainers and instructors to work hard and better themselves in every aspect of life, not just in the ring or on the mat.

Our training programs and classes cover a wide range of martial arts styles, from Karate to Kickboxing, and provide students of all ages and skill levels the training and hands on experience to build self confidence and discipline, both invaluable life traits everyone should possess.

Our classes, everything from Karate to Kickboxing, are specifically designed and developed to allow for students to learn at their own pace, while at the same time not feeling left behind or passed up. The level of hands on teaching and coaching provided in each class, regardless of discipline, is a key factor in building our reputation as a leader for martial arts and personal training.

Training programs and classes include: