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Boxing classes at Pro-Am are great. Since joining in July my form, power and endurance have noticeably improved. The instructor’s bring the... Read More >

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Pro-Am has been a blessing for my family and I. It has everything for everyone, from weights to karate and more. Since my family and I have joined more than 2 years ago, I not only made great strides physically but I have made lots of friends along the way. I cant say enough about the staff. There professionalism is second to none. They are very friendly and understanding. Skip all the high priced fitness centers because Pro-Am is all you need.

A.A. Bernardo Sr. - USMC (Retired)
Murrieta, CA

My twins are in the Judo class and it has taught them self discipline, respect for themselves & others, & also gave them confidence to stand up for themselves.

-J. Smith
Murrieta, CA

What drew me to Pro-Am over other mixed martial arts gyms is the family atmosphere. While I get a chance to train with world class martial artists and MMA fighters, my 5 year old son has the same level of quality instruction. Pro-Am truly is a MIXED martial arts facility that can be shared with family and friends through thte classes, BBQ’s, movie nights, and other events.

-S. Lewis
Murrieta, CA

MMA has been a big part of my life for the last two years. I’ve only been training at Pro-Am for a month now and not only have I gained a ton of instruction and a higher conditioning level, but I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’ve felt at home since the day I started and look forward to everyday I spend here at the gym!

-J. Howard
Murrieta, CA

“At first I joined Pro-Am because I was being targeted by all these tough guys and I wanted to be trained to defend myself in case anything happened. At Pro-Am I learned a lot more than that. I have more self discipline and more confidence in myself now than I ever did. My Muay Thai class has given me the self defense I needed to protect not only myself but others as well.”

-J. Hernandez
Murrieta, CA

“Pro-Am is a good place to be whether you are here to just get in shape or for career reasons. The equipment and coaching allows you to lean out any part of your body. There are also skilled training partners so you can learn what you need to, while still having fun and making friends.” 

-J. Unger
Murrieta, CA

“Pro-Am has professional instructors and their Jiu Jitsu program has given me the confidence & conditioning to defend myself on the ground and in tournatments. I love the classes, the facility, the atmosphere and the people here.” 

-D. Oswell
Murrieta, CA

“I have been taking Jiu Jitsu at Pro-Am Mixed Martial Arts Training Center for almost a year now and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in either competitions or just to get into great shape.”

-D. Blankenship
Murrieta, CA

"Pro-Am Mixed Martial Arts is the greatest gym I have attended. The training is top notch. All the coaches are very knowledgeable in the art of boxing. They make sure you understand and solidify the basics of each technique and explain the why and how of each punch and/or combination, which makes learning easier. Unfortunately this is a quality I have found difficult to find in other gyms. Thanks Pro-Am! "

-S. Cordero
Murrieta, CA

“Boxing classes at Pro-Am are great. Since joining in July my form, power and endurance have noticeably improved. The instructor’s bring the skills and knowledge they have earned in the rig to classes that are a fun and challenging combination of conditioning and improving technique.”

-M. Kosobud
Murrieta, CA

“We are truly pleased with the programs and facility at Pro-Am. We have noticed a significant difference in our child’s confidence and focus on daily activities. His demeanor and focus at school, and attitude towards learning and self pride has increased. Our child’s association with Pro-Am and their structured environment continues to build self confidence within our child.”

-L. Conway
Murrieta, CA

“Since my son has started this program, I have noticed tremendous improvements in his attitude and manners. He has become a mature, respectful boy. He used to throw fits, fight, and have emotional breakdowns – now he no longer does that. Being a kid in a military family is not easy with both his dad and I deploying. Now he has something in his life that remains constant and provides stability for him. All the instructors are excellent and hold him to high standards. This program has changed our lives. I plan to continue to be stationed in California so he can continue to be a part of the Pro-Am family.”

-J. Lilley
Murrieta, CA

“Before joining Pro-Am my level of fitness had plateaued; I felt as though my goals were unattainable. However, after one week of training my whole outlook completely changed. Pro-Am’s fitness Kickboxing class is intense, vigorous, and fun. The instructors are equally knowledgeable and equally passionate about helping their students achieve their personal goals. After only two months of consistent training, I’ve lost five inches accumulatively. Needless to say, I’m in the best shape of my life and I’ll never have to join another gym again – I’m addicted to the Fitness Kickboxing class at Pro-Am”

-A. Paccione
Murrieta, CA

“I was completely hooked the first day & started seeing a dramatic difference in the way my body looked and felt in just a few days. Pro-Am is not just a great place to workout; it’s a great place to be in general. Everyone who works and trains there actually care about you, your goals, and how they can help you achieve them. The trainers notice when I’m doing good and push me harder. If they notice me struggling they take the time to practice with me until I get it! I look forward to every single class at Pro-Am and always walk out of the gym feeling great, like I can tackle the world one push up at a time!”

-C. Ostgaard
Murrieta, CA