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Pro-Am is a good place to be whether you are here to just get in shape or for career reasons. The equipment and coaching allows you to lean out... Read More >

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Pro-Am Instructors

All of our instructors here at Pro-Am Mixed Martial Arts Training Center are highly trained in a wide variety of martial art disciplines and have the talent and skill to mold students of all ages and skill levels into stronger, more confident individuals with the necessary life skills like self control and improved focus.

Our instructors are skilled and ranked in a wide variety of martial arts, including Muay Thai, Karate, Submission Grappling, boxing and many others. With such a wide range of skills and techniques to pick from, students are able to develop their own unique MMA fighting styles under the guidance of masters like Jesse Curtis.

All of here, from our trainers to instructors, are dedicated to not only training in their chosen styles of martial arts, but to ensuring that their students are able to learn them in a safe and nurturing environment that’s fun for the whole family. Come by today to meet some of our instructors and see how we can help you better yourself with training in the martial arts.